Returning Your Leased Vehicle

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Is your Nissan lease nearing its end? At the Auffenberg Nissan Nissan lease return center, we work hard to ensure your return process goes as smoothly as possible. This guide provides you with details about our Nissan lease return inspection and if there’s a Nissan lease return disposition fee. Feel free to contact our finance department if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment. We’re proud to serve as your go-to destination for all of your leasing needs.

What Do I Bring to The Nissan Lease Return Center?

When it’s time to return your leased car to our dealership near Collinsville, there are items that you’ll need to bring to make the process go smoothly. What are those items? Check the list below:

  • Vehicle inspection report
  • Repair receipts
  • Keys/spare keys
  • Owner’s manual
  • Maintenance records

Don’t stress if you are missing any of the above items, there are some that we can look up for you. If you’re not sure if your missing items can be looked up at our Nissan lease return center, just give us a call. 

Returning a Leased Car: What Are the Steps?

Fairview Heights-area leasees can rest assured that returning their leased vehicle at our dealership is a simple process. Even if you leased your car from another dealership in the Granite City area, our Nissan lease return center has you covered. The following is how our return lease process works:

  1. You’ll drop off your vehicle at our dealership. 
  2. One of our specialists will inspect the vehicle for damage, overall quality, and other important factors. 
  3. Any extra miles on the odometer that exceed the restrictions or any wear and tear are subject to penalty fees. 
  4. Once the inspection process of your vehicle is complete, you can upgrade to a newer model for a new lease, buy out your current leased vehicle, or walk away and go for any of our new or used vehicles. 

Can You Return a Leased Car Early?

While you’ll want to contact your leasing company to verify, most leasing companies allow leasees to return their car early. When you return your lease early, you’re still required to pay off the owed amount and any penalty or other fees. While you’re responsible for what you owe and any fees, you won’t have to pay the monthly lease payments. During this time., you can opt for upgrading to a newer lease model. Contact our finance department if you have any questions about returning your leased car early and if you owe a Nissan lease return disposition fee. 

Visit the Nissan Lease Return Center Today!

If it’s nearing the end of your lease, give us a call! Our team will discuss your options and help you find your next new Nissan lease. 


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