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You may not need Nissan brake service as often as you need an oil change, but it’s just as important to the health of your vehicle — and your safety around the  Shiloh and Edwardsville areas. While most Nissan brake pads are designed to let off a telltale squeal once they wear down far enough, you may not always hear it around Maryville. It’s important to have regular brake service performed on your Nissan — letting the brakes wear too heavily could damage the rotors and lead to serious repairs.

When you visit Auffenberg Nissan, our Nissan-trained techs will inspect your brakes and replace brake pads and other components of your brake system so you can have confidence in your stopping power. Our on-site parts department has OEM Nissan brake pads and parts if you want to handle your Nissan brake service on your own, too.

Why Buy From Us?

At Auffenberg Nissan, we work hard to make things easier for you. Want to know how we make purchasing Nissan brake pads or other genuine OEM Nissan brakes easy and hassle-free?

  • We only sell 100% genuine OEM Mazda parts
  • Our shipping is FAST and affordable
  • Our returns are no-hassle. If you need to return a part, just call.
  • We’ll find your parts free of charge. Call us to get things started.

Based in the friendly and easy-going Mascoutah area, we offer competitive pricing and parts specials to make your visit more cost-friendly. So, why shop anywhere else?

What Factors Affect Nissan Brake Pad Life?

Just like the gas mileage changes based on where and how you drive, knowing how long your Nissan brakes will last depends on a few factors:

  • Driving Habits: Braking hard instead of pressing down softly or riding your breaks instead of coasting to a stop will affect how long your brakes will last.
  • Environment: Driving in the city means more traffic, lights, and stop signs, so you’ll brake more. Driving on the highway could mean a longer brake life.
  • Brake Pad Material: Carbon-ceramic pads last longer than the standard metallic pads, but they are more expensive. If you don’t already know what type of Nissan brake pads you have, check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for more information.

Schedule Brake Repairs Near Collinsville!

Auffenberg Nissan provides quick brake service, tire rotations, oil changes, and more for our customers. The next time you need brake service near Granite City or have questions about genuine OEM Nissan brakes, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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